Working package – WP3

Materials, technologies and methods for achieving long-term preservation of monuments

The objective of the research is to design, develop and test new materials and technologies that are compatible with historic materials and technologies. The focus is on consolidating and restoring degraded historic materials and extending their lifetime and the lifetime of monuments. A further objective is to design a system for analysing the impacts of natural disasters and other threats on the building stock, with particular reference to the preservation of cultural heritage, and to propose procedures and technologies for mitigating the damage caused by natural disasters. Natural threats (especially earthquakes, floods and landslides) include the impact of weather. This package will also deal with the development of methods for optimizing preservation interventions with the use of mobile diagnostic laboratories in emergency situations. Important objectives are to create procedures and tools for evaluating and assessing the impacts of development programs (tourism, new architecture, etc.) on the sustainability of the monumental and socioeconomic features of historic settlements, and to create tools for integrating monuments into an urbanized environment.