Working package – WP2

Studies of the lifetime and degradation processes in construction materials, and advanced experimental methods to develop advanced surface treatments for construction materials 

The scientific objective of this WP is to obtain new knowledge about the ageing and corrosion of materials, especially metals, stone and inorganic composites, and to find the best ways to protect their surfaces. Models of the degradation of materials will be created and then calibrated and verified. Using the infrastructure of the Centre, the long-term behaviour of the materials will be monitored and studied in real climatic conditions. A further objective is to obtain data on the lifetime of historic materials, to propose and implement methods for monitoring the behaviour of materials and structures, including monitoring of defects. One task is to establish and maintain a database of construction defects and faults. In order to fulfil these scientific objectives, CET will set up a unique experimental and analytical infrastructure, which will also be usable for a wide range of investigations. This research package therefore involves developing new experimental methods and elaborating proposals for new or improved methods, instruments and equipment, especially for testing wood and inorganic composites. WP2 will benefit from the opportunities provided by the Radiography and Microtomography module, the special climatic and analytical laboratories, the equipment for material analyses and the CET’s module in support of the database for monitoring the built infrastructure.