Working package – WP1

Modelling the behaviour of historic and modern materials and structures under the joint action of a range of climatic factors

The scientific objective of WP1 is to create models of the interactions between solid bodies and the surrounding environment, utilizing the findings obtained by numerical and experimental modelling of the influence of wind on structures, including monuments, and taking into account the influence of other weather factors, e.g. cyclic changes in temperature and exposure to rain. A further objective is to obtain new findings and knowledge by means of long-term sustainable monitoring and modelling of the behaviour of real structures exposed to long-term weather effects and susceptible to vibrations and to damage caused by high-cycle fatigue. The scientific projects lead to outputs in the form of proposals for dealing with the aeroelastic and aerodynamic behaviour of structures, models and proposals for measures to provide a more comfortable environment in housing estates and in the neighbourhood of transport structures. Knowledge acquired from simulations of the effect on buildings, historic objects and monuments of the most important climatic parameters, e.g. wind, temperature, solar radiation, rain and humidity, help to deal with these issues.