Time schedule


Preparatory phase: 7/2009  –  9/2010

In the preparatory phase all activities are implemented to achieve a decision on the grant project.


Implementation phase: 10/2010 – 12/2013

In this phase, all activities will be aimed at implementing the planned objectives, achieving the outputs and monitoring indicators of the CET, and disseminating the outcomes.

3/2011-2/2012       The construction of the premises of the Centre in Telč

9/2011-12/2012      Purchase of equipment

1/2012-12/2013      Recruitment of Staff

1/2013-12/2013      Commencement of the start-up research programme


Phase of project sustainability: 1/2014 – 12/2018

In the period of project sustainability, the operative and supervisory activities, including the provision of monitoring and reporting to the Steering Body of OP R&D, will be fully provided by the newly established bodies and managerial units, see the Organizational Chart of CET, in cooperation with the bodies of ÚTAM AV ČR.