Project outputs

The main material output of the project is the establishment of the CET infrastructure. This will serve as a technological platform for achieving the scientific aims and purpose of the project. The infrastructure will be used as a centre for the activities of a scientific research team, which will work on three long-term research programmes.

Expected Outputs:

a) The CET premises built in Telč according to the construction documentation presented here, containing special laboratories, study rooms for the scientists and the technological infrastructure for the research capacity. Planned year of completion: 2012;

b) An experimental base with unique equipment and fittings of the building well suited to the needs of the researchers and their projects, including the modules and laboratories needed for comprehensive research on the lifetime of historic materials, monuments, new materials and technologies. Planned year of completion: 2012;

The specialized experimental base will be equipped with:

  • a climatic tunnel with a unique system for measuring the influence of the climate on monuments and technical materials, year of completion: 2012;
  • a stable laboratory for material analyses, year of completion: 2012;
  • a radiographic and neutron graphic laboratory for diagnosing defects, studying material composition and creating structural virtual 3D models of analysed objects, year of completion: 2012;
  • mobile diagnostic laboratory, year of completion: 2013;
  • monitoring network and database of analytical data on historic materials, structures, environment and safety threats, year of completion: 2012.

c) Operation of CET within the so-called start-up grant, supporting the activities of the Implementation and Research Team and operational costs connected with the commencement of CET operation in 2013;

d) Research findings, as specified in the section describing the project indicators (patents, utility designs, procedures, software, publications of all types, maps with specialized content, functional samples);

e) Successful graduates of master and doctoral programmes in which CET and its workers will participate. Year of completion: MSc every year, Ph.D. programmes continuously from 2014; 

f) Joint projects and/or partnerships with prestigious research workplaces on the basis of contracts, year of completion: 2012 and subsequently.