2. 1. 2018

odrazkaStory of one hoard

The results of the use of the CET research infrastructure (specifically laboratory of X-ray tomography) are mentioned in the presentation video of the Central Bohemian Museum in Roztoky u Prahy:

20. 12. 2017

odrazkaPresentation of results

The results of the research carried out by a team from the Centre of Excellence Telč ITAM CAS under the direction of Alber Viani head of the laboratory material analyzes and microscopy CET, which was partially implemented in collaboration with CERIC-ERIC, are currently presented on the websites of this research infrastructure:

10. 11. 2017

odrazkaNewsletter CET 2/2017

Newsletter CET 1/2017 can be found here.

13. 10. 2017

odrazkaWeek of Science and Technology

Center of Excellence Telč ITAM CAS will participate in the festival Week of Science and Technology of the Czech Academy of Sciences by a popular lecture "Modern Technology and Cultural Heritage" (in Czech only).

12. 10. 2017

odrazkaScola Telcz 2017

Renovation of rural areas near to the historic centre of Telč, which is on the UNESCO list, was the main theme of the interdisciplinary and international summer school Scola Telcz 2017, which was held in Telč in late September with the participation of CET experts as well.
In addition to the summer school, the exhibition of student project results from the winter school held in Telč in February this year. The electronic version of the brochure with the winter school outputs can be downloaded here.
Scola Telcz 2017 is a joint activity of CTU in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno, Danube University in Kremz, Center of Excellence Telc of ITAM CAS and National Heritage Institute in the framework of their long-term cooperation in the field of monument care.


23. 6. 2017

odrazkaLecture by prof. Heloisa Nunes Bordallo

Prof. Heloisa Nunes Bordallo (Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark) gave a lecture on topic “ Microscopic view of hydrogen motion from neutron scattering ” on June 20th during her research stay in Centre of Excellence Telč.

11. 4. 2017

odrazkaMaster programme, with ITAM as a partner, has been awarded Europa Nostra Award

On 5th April, 2017, the European Council together with organization Europa Nostra announced the winners of European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2017. One of the winners in category Education, Training and Awareness-Raising was the study programme Advanced Master in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions (SAHC), which ITAM helps to guarantee as an associated partner. ITAM was thus awarded for the second time – the first time was in 2009.

The study programme is jointly organised by University of Minho in Portugal, Czech Technical University in Prague in the Czech Republic, UPC / Barcelona Tech in Spain and University of Padua in Italy (and the already mentioned ITAM). The study program was opened in 2007 and since then more than 300 students from 62 countries have taken part in it. By rule, the students study subjects at one of the partner institutions and complete their dissertation at another.

It was the international aspect of the programme together with its interdisciplinary character and global outreach, as well as its importance in practise, which the jury specifically acknowledged, elaborating, that “the multidisciplinary aspect of this project is responding to the present economic and societal needs of heritage. The master programme creates the specialised expertise necessary to advance the protection of our built cultural heritage, a niche area which is becoming progressively more important”.

The public can choose 3 amongst the 29 winners and vote for them in Public Choice Award at The voters have a chance to win a trip for two to Turku, where the Awards will be presented in May of this year.

More about the winners in 2017 can be found here

More about the Master Programme here

7. 4. 2017

odrazkaNewsletter CET 1/2017

Newsletter CET 1/2017 can be found here.

17. 3. 2017


Prof. Rajesh Goyal (Modern Institute of Engineering and Technology, India) gave a presentation “Wind effects on canopies attached to gable roof buildings - an experimental study” on March 17th during his research stay in Centre of Excellence Telč.  

7. 3. 2017

odrazkaNewsletter CET 0/2017

Newsletter CET 0/2017 can be found here (in Czech only).

5. 3. 2017

odrazkaProf. Zažímalová visited CET

Prof. Eva Zažímalová – future President of The Czech Academy of Sciences – visited Centre of Excellence Telč on February 22nd 2017. 

15. 2. 2017

odrazkaVolné pracovní místo

8. 2. 2017

odrazkaWinter school Telč 2017

International winter schoolwith a focus on heritage regeneration will take place in Telč from February 13 to February 18  . Interdisciplinary teams of studnets from CTU, MU and DUK will solve the case studies in the real environment of the historic center of Telc. Hosting institutions of the school are Czech Technical Univeristy Prague, Marasyk University Brno, Centre of Excellence Telč ITAM CAS and National Heritage Institute.


31. 1. 2017


15. 1. 2017

odrazkaArchaeologists from Australia visited CET

Archaeologists from Macquarie University, Australi visited CET on Wednesday, January 11. They presented the focus of their research work and developed information system for recording of findings.

2. 12. 2016

odrazkaRoundtable: How to support talents?

Roundtable How to support talents took place at the Centre of Excellence Telč ITAM CAS on Monday November 28, 2016. Discussion meeting was organized by the National Institute for Further Education with active participation of CET.

25. 11. 2016

odrazkaCET hosted seminar Advances in conservation science

The Czech-Israeli seminar  Advances in conservation science took place at the Centre of Excellence Telč. Papers were presented by researchers from Israel Antiquities Authority Jacques Neguer, Jacob Sharvit, Yotam Asscher and researchers from CET ITAM CAS Michal Vopálenský, Zuzana Slížková, Veronika Koudelková a Jan Válek. The seminar also held talks on future research cooperation between both institutions.

15. 11. 2016

odrazkaCzech-Israeli seminar “Advances in conservation science”

Czech-Israeli seminar “Advances in conservation science”

Monday, 21. 11. 2016

Centre of Excellence Telč, ITAM CAS (Batelovská 485, Telč), seminar room

Program can be downloaded here

15. 11. 2016

odrazkaCET ÚTAM AV ČR se v minulém týdnu zapojilo do Týdne vědy a techniky 2016

2. 11. 2016


New vacancies in CET:

  • Researcher in Laboratory of X-ray tomography
  • Researcher in Laboratory of mechanical analysis and monitoring of materials and structures


For more information see part Vacancies

27. 10. 2016

odrazkaCET v týdnu vědy a techniky

Prezentace Centra excelence Telč ÚTAM AV ČR pro školy 10.–11. 11. (V DOPOLEDNÍCH HODINÁCH, POUZE PRO ŠKOLNÍ SKUPINY) 
Nutné předchozí domluvení konkrétního času (Alina Kloiberová, tel.: 567 225 300, e-mail:

více informací zde...


Přednáška: Vidět, co je skryto – s paprsky X pod povrch nejen historických předmětů (9. 11. 2016, 15:00 Místo konání: Národní památkový ústav Telč, Hradecká 6, Telč Přednášející: Doc. Ing. Michal Vopálenský, Ph.D.)

více informací zde...


10. 10. 2016

odrazkaVisit of Deputy Prime Minister

Deputy Prime Minister for the Science, Research and Innovation of Czech Republic Pavel Bělobrádek visited Centre of Excellence Telč on Thursday, September 22.


2. 9. 2016

odrazkaExkurze žáků Gymnázia Polička

19. 8. 2016

odrazkaPresentation of results

The results of the research carried out by a team from the Centre of Excellence Telč ITAM CAS under the direction of Alber Viani head of the laboratory material analyzes and microscopy CET, which was partially implemented in collaboration with CERIC-ERIC, are currently presented on the websites of this research infrastructure:

10. 8. 2016

odrazkaCentre of Excellence Telč is mentioned in latest publication Research and Development in the Czech Republic issued by CzechInve

Centre of Excellence Telč ITAM CAS is mentioned in latest publication Research and Development in the Czech Republic issued by CzechInvest. The publication is available at:

9. 6. 2016

odrazkaSeminář Krajského úřadu Kraje Vysočina pro pracovníky památkové péče

27. 5. 2016

odrazkaPrezentace systému MONDIS

19. 5. 2016

odrazkaReportáž ze Dne otevřených laboratoří

Reportáž ČT ze dne otevřených dveří CET ÚTAM AV ČR můžete shlédnout zde:

5. 4. 2016

odrazkaDen otevřených laboratoří

V pátek 15. dubna 2016 Vás zveme na Den otevřených laboratoří CET. Více informací naleznete v přiloženém letáku.

Stáhnout přílohu Letak_DOL2016 (Velikost: 2.35 MB )

16. 3. 2016

odrazkaInternal seminar: Interaction of project and functional dimension in research organizations

Ve čtvrtek 17. března 2016 v 9:00 proběhne interní seminář "Interakce projektové a funkcionální dimenze ve výzkumných organizacích." Seminář, který povede Ing. Jakub Novotný, Ph.D., je určen pouze pro pracovníky CET.

10. 3. 2016

odrazkaDUK students in CET

The group of students from Danube University Krems (DUK) visited the Centre of Excellence Telč during the week of February 29th. They where get acquainted with the activities of the center and participated in the measurement in the mobile laboratory of diagnostic and wood.

The next group of students of DUK will visit us during the days from March 14th to March 18th. This time it will be within the Urban and Planning study module, where CET workers will also participate in.

21. 10. 2014


Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics AS CR (also ITAM AS CR) - Center of Excellence Telc, Faculty of Restoration, University of Pardubice and the Institute for Arts and Technology, University of Applied Arts in Vienna in cooperation with local vocational branch of the National Heritage Institute in Telc (also ÚOP NPÚ Telc) presented the results of a cross-border project NANOLITH, which focuses on sustainable and compatible preservative material technology for regional limestone. Workshop titled LIME nanomaterials and their application in the preservation of monuments from Leitha limestone, which was held on the 14th 10th 2014 Lanner house in Telc, attended by 70 experts from the restoration of stone and wall paintings, conservationists, engineers, petrology and other specialists employed in the preservation of monuments. The workshop was also attended by representatives of the Municipal Office in Telč and Region. 
After more than a year of work were Czech and Austrian scientists and restorers presented the results of a cross-border project NANOLITH - The use of nanomaterials for sustainable preservation of historic architectural and sculptural works from leitha limestone. Within the lecture portion of the workshop, participants were introduced to a group of traditional leitha limestones were ever mined and widely used for sculpture and stonework purposes in the border regions (especially the Highlands region, South Moravia, Vienna and Lower Austria). Just like the other stone monuments and buildings made ​​of limestone leitha require appropriate care in the form of conservation and restoration with the use of appropriate technologies. Lime nanomaterials are still in the restoration of stone monuments made ​​of limestone relatively young technology. "We wanted the audience to introduce our workshop experience not only from the laboratory but also in the restoration of normal practice, where we had the opportunity to test the lime nanosuspensions 5 monuments in the Czech Republic and Austria." Explains MgA. Michaela Navratilova. "The participants were prepared afternoon practical part, where they could see examples of the use of lime prepared nanomaterials on limestone, you can test it yourself and take home a small sample for their own testing" the MgA. Macounová Dana, head of the laboratory Sustainability monuments and historic settlements of Telc center of excellence. "An interesting contribution morning lecture of the workshop were also posts about the possibilities of evaluations carried out conservation interventions, which were presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Restoration, University of Pardubice and colleagues from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna," says Ing. Zuzana Slížková, PhD., Coordinator of the Lead Partner. 
The excellent facilities and atmosphere during the all-day workshop took care of NPÚ colleagues and students SOU agricultural and services from Dačic led by the forewoman, Mrs. Milena Košťálová, arranged for the participants of delicious snacks throughout the day.


More information:

More about project:

Press release for download