National research cooperation

UTEF CVUT Prague is the chief partner for the radiology worksite. UTEF is without doubt the top research institution in the field of applied radiography in the Czech Republic, with very strong links to international consortia.

Another partner is SVÚOM s.r.o.a leading Czech institute in the domain of metal corrosion and protection. SVÚOM operates long-term monitoring stations and is a party to a number of international programmes, e.g. ICP Materials.

Other CET partners are universities, especially those involved in constructing the Telč University Campus  (CVUT, Prague, Masaryk University, Brno), and the universities participating in OP VK projects and grant-funded projects (e.g. UPFR, Litomyšl).

Other participating universities and partners are  CVUT, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Prague, the University of Economics, Prague, the University of Pardubice, Faculty of Restoration and the Vysocina Region.