Laboratory of mechanical analysis and monitoring of materials and structures

The laboratory is capable of providing a wide range of analysis of mechanical properties of materials, including monitoring of materials and structures. Art equipment in the hands of professionals provides a large number of parameters for further use both in science and in industrial areas.

Head of laboratory:                Wei Zhang, Ph.D.


                                                  +420 567 225 339

Members of laboratory:          Roman Fabeš


Mechanical laboratory is equipped with a loading device Criterion C45

·         Determination of compressive strength , tensile , flexural

·         Load cells 5 , 100, 300 kN

·         Climate chamber for temperature - 129-315 ° C

·         Testing of building materials (wood, stone , mortar , concrete, etc ... )

·         Evaluation software TW Elite

·         Camera to observe the deformation of the sample

·         Extensometer to determine the deformation of the sample

·         Determination of strength properties , modulus



Physical laboratory is equipped with instruments to finding the granulometric composition of the material and dilatometer to determine the coefficient of thermal expansion.

Laser granulometer CILAS LD 1090

·         Measuring range 0.04 - 500 micron in the wet state

·         Measurement range 0.1 - 500 micron in the dry state

·         Microcell for measuring small quantities of samples

·         Evaluating software Size Expert

·         Testing grained materials (soils , building materials , etc ... )


Dilatometer Linseis

·         High temperature furnace - temperature range from room temperature to 1400 ° C , saturation of the samples with water

·         Low-temperature oven - temperature range from - 60 ° C to 500 ° C , cooling with N2

·         Evaluation software Linseis

·         Determination of the coefficient of thermal expansion relative elongation, Δ L

·         Fixed and bulk materials

·         Evaluation software Linseis Thermal Analysis

·         Testing of building materials ( mortar , concrete, wood, metals)


Nanoindentor Hysitron TL 750

·         Nanomechanical test of materials

·         Characterization surfactant - mechanical properties of materials on the nanoscale

·         Testing creation of nano cracks

·         Testing of building materials , composites, inorganic materials

·         Maximum dynamic force of 5 mN

·         Optical display surface of the material


Preparation of mortars serve to prepare mortars and samples for subsequent testing. Preparation room  is equipped with basic units.

·         Laboratory mixer Hobart , Robot N50 - preparation of a mixture of mortars, concretes

·         Vibratory screening machine Retsch AS 200 - device for screening bulk materials

·         Oven with range up to 150 ° C

·         Saw Dakar MEKANO 400

·         Saw Clipper TT250G

·         Device to measure air content in the mortar

·         Device for sampling masonry in- situ + in- situ sample preparation

·         Compaction table ZSC 40 - compacting cement paste

·         Hägermanns percussion table - consistency of fresh suspension

·         Scales Kern DS       



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Effect of grinding on chemical analyses
Coal combustion byproducts analyses