Laboratory degradation of building materials and structures

The laboratory is focused on studying the processes of degradation and changes in mechanical properties of building materials and components due to biological factors . The department is able to provide a wide range of analyzes to determine the type and activity of pests , extent of damage and the causes of its origin . Laboratory equipment allows identification and cultivation tests damaged building materials ( wood , stone, concrete, etc. ) with different types of microorganisms ( fungi) and organisms ( fungi, algae , lichens, etc. ) . In relation to other work centers of excellence , it is possible to monitor the impact effect on biodegradation properties of building materials. 


Head of Laboratory:             Ing. Jiří Frankl, Ph.D.


                                               +420 604 134 567

Members of laboratory:       Ing. Kateřina Kreislová, Ph.D.

                                               Mgr. Tomáš Krůček

                                               Mgr. Dita Machová

                                               Ing. Dušan Majtás


Technical and instrumentation :

Apparatus for the preparation of glassware and instruments , processing samples in the field, the preparation of samples for culture and identification tests and tests:

• hood ( Merci )
• steam autoclave ( Tuttnauer )
• oven ( Binder )
• Laboratory balance ( Kern )
Incubators culture test samples and growing pure cultures of microorganisms :
• Incubator ( BMT)
• incubator with controlled temperature (BMT )
Apparatus for the preparation of microscopic slides and optical microscopes for evaluation of laboratory tests :
• microtome ( Leica)
• stereo microscope (Olympus )
• research microscope (Olympus )

Example output of the laboratory:

Processing wood sample taken from the component damaged by decay fungi ( rot ) - determine the gender classification of active wood-destroying fungi and their activities .

wood sample taken in the field of control activities damaged wood-destroying fungi

placement of grafts wood on sterile gel fertile ground - placed in an incubator - the beginning of cultivation

growth substrate and aerial mycelia of wood-destroying fungi during cultivation tests

microscopic evaluation - identification and generic classification of acting against fungi