The project aims to build and operate the unique ARCCHIP Telč Centre of Excellence (CET) for research on materials and structures, particularly historic materials and structures. CET will be equipped with a unique infrastructure specially designed and manufactured with a view to obtaining fundamental knowledge and verifying the application and innovation potential of newly developed technologies in the domain of diagnostics, life cycle extension, preventive protection and conservation. Work will also be done on long-term sustainable use of the existing building stock. The CET infrastructure consists of a climatic wind tunnel of environmentally and economically optimized size for research on structural materials and technologies, equipped with locally-developed measuring and simulation tools. There will be a unique high-resolution X-ray large-surface micro- and nano-tomography worksite, together with other specific laboratory and database modules and tools for use in studying and monitoring climatic effects and their impact on the behaviour and life cycles of materials and structures, including architectural heritage. The Centre includes a unique mobile system for specific assignments related to conservation of cultural heritage in emergency situations.

Main objectives of the project consist in:

  • construct and operate an excellent research centre; establish a scientific basis in support of the preservation of cultural and natural heritage; extend the lifetime of historic and modern building materials and structures,
  • construct a unique experimental facility to improve the innovation infrastructure in the Czech Republic, where excellent research results can be achieved, and where strong strategic international research partnerships can be established within ERA and JPI,
  • educate and train new scientists and professionals,
  • strengthen cooperation linking the research and development community with other actors from the public sector and the private business sector through partnerships.