Expert and consulting activities

In the area of commercial cooperation, CET offers collaboration with construction and engineering companies, design firms and manufacturers of building materials, manufacturers of diagnostic equipment, and software producers to study the behaviour of building materials and structures under adverse weather conditions and to monitor changes in degradation processes, etc.

The project participants have cooperated with, or expect to cooperate with, the following large enterprises:  (DEKONTA, a.s., EXCON, a.s., GEMA ART GROUP, a.s., METROSTAV, a.s., CEPS, a.s.), and with the following small and medium-size enterprises: Ars Tignaria, IBZ Freiberg (Germany), INNOWEP Würzburg (Germany), GEOTRON (Germany), ARCHATT PAMÁTKY s.r.o., TENSION SYSTEMS s.r.o. and others.