The Centre of Excellence will have a unique infrastructure specially designed and manufactured with a view to acquiring fundamental knowledge and testing the application and innovative potential of newly-developed technologies in the field of diagnosing, extending the life cycle, protecting and conserving, and long-term sustainable use of the existing building stock.

To prove the potential benefits, and to demonstrate that it is able to develop and disseminate the results, CET plans to sign collaboration agreements and enter into collaboration on the basis of partnerships on joint grant-funded projects. The aim is to enhance the quality of the research team and to facilitate the transfer of know-how, in order to achieve a high-quality approach to the research projects and to the management of the experimental work.


CET will collaborate above all with the following target groups: 

  1. Building and engineering companies, design companies; producers of building materials, manufacturers of diagnostic instruments, producers of software, especially software dealing with the behaviour of building materials, the effects of climate on structures, and monitoring changes in degradation processes; 
  2. State institutions dealing with monument care and protection of the environment;
  3. Owners and administrators of historic objects and structures, with the aim of achieving improved administration and preservation; 
  4. Institutions that plan to announce research programmes, create strategies, support research and education in the area of cultural heritage – the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the European Commission, the European Parliament, ICOMOS, UNESCO-ICCROM, ECTP, RILEM, Europa Nostra. The expert reports and opinions, strategic studies, foresight and consultations of CET will be aimed particularly at these institutions;
  5. Regulatory and normative authorities - e.g. RILEM (series TC with the participation of ÚTAM), CEN TC 346 (European Committee for Standardization - Conservation of Cultural Property), the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing - for qualified decision making and control.